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We are Quanonblocks

Quanonblocks was founded by a team of developers from Kivy, Electrum and contributors from Ethereum, Hyperledger, Kubernetes to support and drive the open decentralized ecosystem. We are experienced in working with many blockchain fabrics including the Bitcoin Blockchain, Ripple, Ethereum, Hyperledger. We simplify and provide solutions on open source Blockchain ecosystem to developers, consumers and enterprise to become an accelerator for the technology-driven enterprise.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your business

Blockchain Research

We do strategic planning to creating architecture spanning from writing Whitepapers to Technical auditing.

Cross Platform Development

We develop softwares that can be used on multiple platforms.

Open Source technologies

We develop open source software based on Blockchain, Ethereum and Hyperledger technologies and simplify solutions based on decentralized technology such as Consortium Blockchain, Cryptowallets.

Smart Contract Development

We believe that Disruptive Technologies like Crypto currencies and Blockchains with Smart self executing contracts will be the basis of a new economic era that will bring about prosperity and opportunities in areas that we never before thought possible.

Our Team

Where interest match, we came up like team!

Akkshay is huge open source enthusiast, he has helped bootstrap different communities like Kivy, PyDelhi, ILUGD, CryptoCurrencyIndia, HyperLedger Delhi/NCR & chaired conferences like PyDelhiConf, Pycon-India, Global Blockchain Conference. He has been involved and working on blockchain based projects from 2011 onwards, he is one of the core developers of Kivy framework & Electrum bitcoin wallet that has been built on top of it.

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Akshay Arora CEO & Co-founder

Amit is an open hacktivist and currently a PhD Researcher in University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom working on Quantum Information Retrieval. He is an active contributor to Ethereum Foundation, Blockchain projects and leading the R & D team at Quanonblocks.

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Amit Kumar Jaiswal CTO & Co-founder

Vinay is open hacktivist and hyperlegendery BlockChain techy. He started working on BlockChain from 2016. He is expert in HyperLedger Fabric, Composer, Iroha, Sawtooth, ChainCode and also other BlockChain technology like Etherium, Bitcoin, Solidity Smart Contract, BlockChain Protocol. He also completed the various government projects such as VahanService, Aadhaar API integration, E-Sign Integration.

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Vinay Chaudhary CIO & Hyperledger Developer

Vaibhav is a research intern at quanonblocks. He has worked on blockchain platforms like ethereum and stellar, and is also a key contributor in the development of DAO and Blockchain Wizard - "a platform to build your own tokens". He has also volunteered in several meetups and recently gave a talk on Automation of Blockchain in Microsoft.

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Vaibhav Aggarwal Research Intern

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